Invoice Books

We have had a long history and years of experience in this type of work. Whether you want books or pads or NCR fan apart sets, we can do it all for you. All these types of documents use NCR paper, which was originally invented by the NRC Company, but today it has another meaning (No Carbon Required).

This can be made into duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate sets.

BOOKS enable a final copy to be kept for your records, and the original to be posted, or sent to your client, and a middle copy to be sent to your accounts department.

PADS is a simpler style of binding without the security of one copy being kept in book form. All sheets will be pulled off the pad for their various use point.

NCR fan apart sets allow a full set of sheets for a docket to be joined with a unique glue at the top. The set is filled out and then the sheets parted at the glue join for their various destinations.

Desensitising can be done in a certain area where you do not want the transfer of data to a lower sheet in the docket.

Covers can be used, whereas hard covers are helpful to minimise stray marking in an outside area, such as a truck.

Flaps, Blanking can be supplied as joined or non-joined. A flap is usually joined and stays with the book to stop marking the next invoice with the data from the one above it. We call the non-joined flap a template.

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