Business Cards

Stock– We can print offset or digital on cards up to 400 gsm, depending on the stock substrate. The heavier cards give a feel of substantial quality. Some people like the more discrete thinner ones done on 300 gsm cards.

Raised Print– Yes, we do it! As long as it is on one side of your job. It adds more prestige to the job. We cannot do raised print on laminated cards, as both raising and laminating require a heat process.

Raising can be done selectively on your cards, to say, just raise the person’s name.

Lamination– Can be done either in gloss or matte. Many love the smooth feel of the matte laminate.

Round Cornered. We can do this either by die stamping or by die cutting on a letterpress machine.

Digital. Most cards are done by the digital printing process now, and can economically give the full-colour look at a very competitive price.

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